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First LNG bunkering operation in Jamaican waters

The successful bunkering of Zim's container vessel "Sammy Ofer" with liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a milestone operation: it was the first LNG bunkering operation in Jamaican waters.


Rear Admiral Peter Brady, director-general at Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ): “LNG is a key part of the transition to cleaner marine fuels.” Indeed, the new Zim container vessel is part of a series of ten 15,000 teu LNG dual-fuel containerships.


This collaboration between Zim and Shell will able the Israelian shipping company to decarbonise its fleet. The ten-year marine LNG sales and purchase agreement between these two companies is a source of pride for the Maritime Authority of Jamaica. Brady emphasises that “this offering will not only grow local businesses but also encourage companies to embrace sustainable solutions.” (lh)




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