• Photo: MSC Ambra


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First ships arrive from Suez

It is the same story in many ports in Europe. In the Port of Barcelona, the “MSC Ambra” container ship is the first vessel affected by the blockage of the Suez Canal to reach the BEST terminal. This vessel will be operating normally and move 9,000 containers, including imports, exports and transhipments.


The “Milano Bridge” and “CMA CGM Centaurus” which were held up by the "Ever Given" accident are also expected to arrive in the Port of Barcelona this week. A total of 14 container vessels have changed their date of call at the port due to the blockage.


All its container terminals — BEST, APMT Barcelona and Port Nou Terminal— are confident that they will be able operate all of these ships with the usual speed and efficiency.


The staggered arrival of the container vessels, according to current estimates, will ensure that operations will continue unaffected. Forecasts suggest that the arrivals of the seven regular services from Asia will return to normal in less than two weeks. (cd)




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