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Flexible cargo platform in the Indian Ocean

Since traffic restrictions were introduced exactly two months ago (27 March 2020), the airport of the French overseas department La Réunion has handled 1,400 t of air freight, two thirds of which were imports. Although these volumes are 60% lower than in the previous year, they do confirm the vital importance of this mode of transport.


Besides the scheduled flights, now reduced to three per week, with which Air France and Air Austral connect La Réunion with mainland France, Air Austral operates at least two weekly flights to Dzaoudzi (Mayotte) for the local prefectures.


In addition, several airlines have been running cargo-only flights to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Guangzhou, Nairobi, Paris and Seoul since 30 April, which means that the normally tranquil airport has to reschedule its flight plans once a week, instead of only every six months. (ah) 





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