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Flexport terminates company-owned B747F services

The "digital forwarder" Flexport is becoming more conventional and is discontinuing the the company-owned Trans-Pacific Services it began to introduce step-by-step two years ago. As from tomorrow, 25 January 2020, the Californian start-up will be transferred from the exclusive partnership with Plus Logistics, which markets the surplus capacities of its mother company Nippon Cargo Airlines, to another network of block space agreements.


This move reduces the business risks of the service that Flexport offers with flights connecting six destinations in Asia, five in USA and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


Under the influence of the trade dispute between China and the USA, the company’s flight volumes from China achieved growth rates of less than 10% in 2019, while its markets in Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and India showed much stronger growth. (ah)


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