• Photo: Virgin Atlantic


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"Flight 100" from London to New York

Virgin Atlantic has performed the world's first 100% SAF flight. This feat is the culmination of a year’s collaboration to demonstrate that sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) can be used as a safe drop-in replacement for fossil derived jet fuel and a compatible alternative for today’s engines, airframes, and fuel infrastructure.


Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Imperial College London, University of Sheffield, ICF and Rocky Mountain Institute were part of the consortium, in partnership with the UK department for transport.


The SAF "Flight 100" which reached New York from London yesterday, 28 November 2023, was a unique dual blend: 88% Hefa (hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids, made from waste fats) supplied by Air BP and 12% SAK (synthetic aromatic kerosene) supplied by Marathon Petroleum’ subsidiary Virent.


The SAK used for this flight is made from plant sugars, with the remainder of plant proteins, oil and fibres continuing into the food chain. (ah)




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