• Photo: Konstantin Kubenz


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Generation change at Kube & Kubenz

After 40 years, Dr. Michael Kubenz has stepped down from his active executive role so that his son, Konstantin Kubenz (photo), has taken his place as new CEO of Kube & Kubenz. Konstantin Kubenz is now responsible for the organisation of the German forwarding company, which is headquartered in Hamburg and which operates throughout Europe.


Konstantin Kubenz: "I will maintain my father's successful strategy and so continue to develop the family's industry." The Kube & Kubenz Group specialises in tank and dangerous goods logistics.


Konstantin Kubenz has been working in the operative sector of the forwarding company for already three years. Since 2018, he has been part of the executive board with his father and he took over the majority shares of the group already back in 2015. (amh)




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