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Geodis launches "e-logistics"

In response to the rapid increase in e-commerce activity, Geodis is offering brands a new level of end-to-end logistics support. Its goal is to help make sure their customers have the same buying experience online as in-store. For this, Geodis relies on its network of e-commerce warehouses and transportation services at locations worldwide and on its new digital platform for the processing of orders in real time.


"The current crisis has benefited e-commerce, a fundamental sales channel that is experiencing profound accelerated growth, from France to China via the United States. If they want to respond to this new consumer demand brands need to be able to orchestrate both orders and inventories, while overcoming major logistic obstacles. This is the purpose of Geodis e-Logistics," explains Marie-Christine Lombard, CEO of Geodis.


The platform provides a real-time overview of all available inventory, in-store, in warehouse or in transit, worldwide. It also helps to manage orders regardless of the sales channel and determines the most appropriate supply source, delivery method and returns options. (mw)




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