• Sergey Malyshev, CEO of Sber Logistics (left) and Ilya Sattarov, CEO of Globaltruck. Photo: Globaltruck


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Globaltruck announces partnership with Sber Logistics

Globaltruck has signed a strategic partnership memorandum with Sber Logistics, a logistic company that is part of the Sberbank ecosystem. Under the agreement, Globaltruck and Sber Logistics agreed to join forces to develop a market for logistics products and services for the processing, consolidation and delivery of goods in the B2B and B2C segments.


The companies also decided to jointly develop related service functions, including cross-border shipping, to ensure synergies of business processes. In accordance with the memorandum, Globaltruck intends to organise FTL transportation at the behest of Sber Logistics using both its own fleet of trucks and trailers and vehicles leased from other sources.


In the future, the companies plan to explore the possibilities of developing cooperation in other logistics segments, such as LTL transportation, first and last mile deliveries, cross-docking, as well as in other areas that may be of interest from the point of view of business development.


Cooperation will be carried out in the format of mutual service provision at market prices and at the moment does not imply the creation of a joint venture. (mw)




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