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Gotthard road tunnel now also closed!

The Gotthard road tunnel has been closed. On Sunday afternoon, 10 September 2023, parts of the concrete came loose near the north tunnel portal and fell onto the carriageway. There is a 25 m long crack in the intermediate ceiling.


The Federal Roads Office (Fedro) is working to repair the damage as quickly as possible, and demolition work already began last night. The aim is to open the tunnel at the end of this week.


Traffic is being diverted over a wide area via the San Bernardino route and the Gotthard Pass road. Heavy traffic that is already waiting at the heavy traffic control centres in Giornico and Ripshausen to continue its journey is being held back.


Until further notice, the Gotthard Base Tunnel will also remain open for railfreight traffic on a single track only. On 10 August 2023, a goods train derailed in the tunnel and caused extensive damage. (ben)




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