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Grimaldi signs the Greek deal

The majority stake of 67% of the share capital of the Igoumenitsa Port Authority for a total price of EUR 84.17 million goes to the joint venture established by the companies Grimaldi Euromed, Minoan Lines and Investment Construction Commercial and Industrial (Ekev). The relevant agreement following a tender was signed on 21 March 2023 with the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund.


Emanuele Grimaldi, president and managing director of Grimaldi Euromed: "Our general goal is to have the Port of Igoumenitsa fulfil its full potential to the benefit of all its stakeholders, from maritime, transport and tourism operators to the local community. Our investments will facilitate the growth of the port and, at the same time, the development of key European trade routes, of which Igoumenitsa represents the main gateway." (ah)




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