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Growth forecast for UK road haulage industry

A new study from market analysts Plimsoll indicates that confidence is sweeping back into the UK’s road haulage industry. Latest figures show that half of firms are increasing sales and 47% are improving profits. Leading this change are a group of 104 firms which are delivering growth rates of up to 8%, with their market share also jumping from 13% to 17% in just two years.

104 firms have seen their sales increase by over 8% and these companies now sell on average GBP 10 million (EUR 12 million) per year, up from GBP 7 million (EUR 8.4 million) two years ago. Of the 1,000 firms analysed, the average sales increase is only 3.2%, according the report presented by the United Road Transport Union (URTU). (ben)



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