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Gruber Logistics – from bio-diesel to e-truck

Gruber Logistics has acquired 350 trucks that can use any type of bio-diesel to achieve a 10% reduction in fuel consumption. The move, which will see the units enter service in the coming months, is part of Gruber Logistics’ partnership with Scania.


Furthermore, Gruber Logistics’ presented the first e-truck in its fleet at the Transpotec Fair in Milan recently. Electric power for heavy goods vehicles is becoming ever more of a reality in Italy – depending on companies’ commitment and investments. Said partnership, which also includes Electrolux Italia, aims to ensure that more such environment-friendly vehicles are deployed in the country.


Gruber Logistics’ e-vehicle will operate for Electrolux Italia on distribution runs between Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy, in the first place.


There’s even more to it, though. “The interest in new vehicles isn’t only attributable to environmental aspects, but also to improving the working life of our drivers,” as Martin Gruber, CEO of the eponymous group, brought in the human angle of the new trucks. (cd)


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