• A smart transport corridor is the goal of the Haropa port association on the Seine river.


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Haropa Le Havre joins Ipcsa - smartly

The International port community systems association (Ipcsa) has welcomed the French Port of Le Havre as its newest member. “We already have close links with Ipcsa through Soget and through our membership of the Protect group,” said Jérôme Besancenot, information systems manager at Le Havre.


France’s largest port, handling two out of every three of France’s import/export containers, is part of Haropa, which also includes the ports of Rouen and Paris. The three ports are progressing towards a full merger, to become one company from January 2021.


“The Haropa partners handle 125 million t of cargo per annum. We are working to deliver an integrated logistics solution for the Seine corridor.”


The three ports along the Seine River are positioning themselves together as the first ‘smart corridor’, and the Port of Le Havre has secured investment for its smart port city project in partnership with the ‘Le Havre Seine Metropole’ urban community to develop digital solutions to increase efficiency and environmental performance. (mw)




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