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    A Hoyer tank container.


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Hoyer holds turnover above EUR 1 billion

Hoyer, and international transport and logistics specialist headquartered in Hamburg (Germany), reported that the company was able - despite difficult market conditions - to hold its turnover in the 2012 fiscal year at the same level as the previous year. At EUR 1.034 billion, the turnover was only slightly down on the company’s most successful year ever in 2011 (EUR 1.035 billion). In the light of the current tight market situation, Hoyer has positioned itself once again as one of the world’s leading providers of logistics solutions for the chemicals and foodstuffs industries. Earnings before tax amounted to EUR 32.6 million (2011: EUR 37.3 million). The return on sales of 3.2% (2011: 3.6%) was above average for the sector and substantiates Hoyer’s good performance.



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