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Humanitarian cargo from Middle East and elsewhere

Air Charter Service has arranged over 40 charter flights since the devastating earthquakes in Turkey on 6 February 2023.


The teams have been working non-stop, initially flying in search and rescue teams - German and British teams already on the day after the earthquakes struck - and since then shipping over 2,000 t of humanitarian cargo, including shelters, tents, blankets food and drink supplies, as well as field hospitals.


Ben Dinsdale, director of government and humanitarian services: "The flights have come from all around the globe, including Asia, USA, Northern Europe and even the Canary Islands. We still have several charters booked that will fly in the next couple of weeks."


The photo shows two chartered B747F waiting to be loaded in Sharjah (UAE). One was going to Adana and the other to Damascus. (ah)




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