• Photo: Sievert Logistik


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Inclusion in practice at Sievert Logistik

Sievert Logistik has welcomed Holger Schönenberg, the first paraplegic professional truck driver, to its team. Based on the company’s Lengerich site, he will be deployed for tarpaulin transports.


To make this possible, the transport and logistics services provider contracted the vehicle and body manufacturer Greshake to convert a new MAN tractor unit to Schönenberg’s needs.


"Schönenberg impressed me right from the start. Despite his handicap, he is holding on to his dream of becoming a professional truck driver. His enthusiasm for mobility and logistics is something very special. I am therefore delighted that we can make this dream come true. It makes me proud to have won Schönenberg for our team," says Karsten Bley, managing director of Sievert Logistik. (cj)




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