• Sea ports fostering inland navigation.


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Inland shipping powered by two Swedish ports

Mälarhamnar and Ports of Stockholm have decided to work together to make the greatest possible use of the sea and inland waterways for goods transports. The goal of this collaboration is to enable inland shipping between Stockholm and Mälarhamnar.


Ports of Stockholm is currently building a new freight port, Stockholm Norvik Port, situated just south of the Swedish capital. The port will open in May 2020. Simultaneously there are also major projects ongoing at the Mälarhamnar ports to enable the handling of larger goods volumes.


“For shipping companies, forwarding companies and cargo owners to be able to operate and use barge traffic, the ports must work together in a chain so that there are fairways that function for this purpose. It is therefore important that we, the ports, play our part,” said Carola Alzén, CEO of Mälarhamnar AB.


This could alleviate the burden on the already congested road and rail networks in the greater Stockholm region. Inland shipping contributes to a more sustainable overland infrastructure. (mw)




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