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Italy:100 new locomotives and 714 freight wagons

The Italian state-owned transport group, FS Italiana, intends to expand its infrastructure, rolling stocks and services by investing EUR 58 billion over the next four years, according to the group’s new 2019-2023 industrial plan.


The investments will be mainly dedicated to infrastructure, with EUR 28 billion for railways and EUR 14 billion for roads including railway projects such as the Terzo Valico, Brenner, Brescia - Verona - Padua, Naples - Bari and Palermo - Catania - Messina as well as road projects such as the A2 Mediterranean motorway.


FS Italiana is also planning investments in more than 2000 new vehicles, including 714 wagons and 100 new-generation locomotives to increase the modal share in freight transport. (ben)





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