• TFM and TPA have been collaborating even more closely since 1 July.

31.07.2017 By: Andreas Haug

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Joint takeoff to the future

Two medium-sized logistics enterprises working at Zurich airport have merged their international forwarding divisions. The firms TPA Panatlantic and Total Freight Management have thus reacted to global players’ markets.


TPA, which was founded in 1978 and which is based in the village of Kloten, very near Zurich airport, and TFM (founded in Zurich airport in 1998) have been operating jointly in the field of international forwarding activities since 1 July this year. TPA’s division was integrated into TFM’s unit active in the same segment. The logistics divisions of the two partners are not affected by the strategic move and will continue to be run independently.


TFM’s CEO Jean-Claude Rossé told the ITJ that the move means that “two independent and strong manager-owned SMEs have thus reacted to global players’ markets, and now operate jointly from a new position of strength.” In detail the move means that the transport volumes hand­led by TFM will double, which will result in the direct optimisation of procurement. For the company can thus offer more competitive prices and continue to offer its accustomed customised and personal services as an SME.


The company’s corporate philosophy – top quality at fair and competitive prices – remains untouched by the move, as do its staffing levels. The firms do not have a departmentalised approach to business; they want to bring their desire to succeed and their forwarders’ specialised abili­ties into the equation, to be able to offer customers professional advice and services across all modes of transport and to every destination, Rossé elaborated.



From theory to practice

By integrating TPA’s forwarders of many years’ standing, the company has ensured that the TFM’s knowledge base remains intact (routes, operational and administrative processes, customers, agents, and the like). The initial phase will see the implementation of two parallel handling processes – one in accordance with TFM’s standards, and one with TPA’s. Analyses thereof will enable the company to spot any weaknesses or inefficiency and eliminate them in the medium-term, by implementing targeted optimisation measures that will improve handling quality. The direct involvement of TPA’s executive team (CEO Felix Zimmermann and COO Charles Benz) in the process, and TFM CEO Rossé and COO Robert Werme­linger, has been designed to ensure a smooth transition.


TPA’s membership of the forwarding system Five Star Network will be taken over by TFM, which in turn is already a member of the neighbouring Professional Forwarders International (PFI) network, which is run by the same management team. TFM will simultaneously be introduced step by step to TPA’s agents and clients. They have already been informed of the move and in the new constellation they will be jointly served more and more by both TPA and TFM.     



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