• Photo: Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan


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Kazahkh cargo carrier incorporates B747 freighter

The Kazakh carrier Sigma Airlines has leased a B747-222B from an unnamed company based in the UAE. The lease is scheduled to run until 2022. It is planned that the aircraft will be based at Shymkent airport (CIT) in Kazakhstan.


Sigma Airlines has been operating flights since 2017, carrying ordinary, extra-large and extra-heavy cargoes, as well as offering one-time services on environmental and humanitarian missions, in accordance with UN programmes within the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the CIS regions. Kazakhstan’s aviation administration notes that this is the only validated cargo airline to fly to Europe from Kazakhstan.


To date, the airline fleet has five full freighter aircraft, such as IL-76, A300. It operates technical bases in Aqaba (Jordan) and Sharjah (UAE), and its worldwide GSA is Reem Style Travel & Tourism (UAE). (ah)



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