• Photo: La Spezia Container Terminal


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La Spezia pushing Eurokai Group

The Eurokai Group's results surged strongly in H1/2022, due in particular to growth of throughput in Italy’s La Spezia container terminal. The group’s revenues increased by 10.6% to EUR 131.1 million compared to EUR 117.2 million in H1/2021.


Net profit for H1/2022 amounted to EUR 75.2 million (H1/2021: EUR 32.2 million). This upswing was due to a significant increase in net profit (ebit), i.e. to EUR 38.0 million (previous year: EUR 30.1 million), and to a notable rise in investment income, namely to EUR 54.7 million (previous year: 16.6 million).


The improvement in net profit compared to last year was mainly due to the strong performance of the group's Eurogate segment.


The volumes handled at the container terminals in the Eurokai Group, including the hubs in Italy, Germany, Morocco, Cyprus and Russia, reached more than 6.1 million teu in H1/2022, a slight decline of 1.4% compared to H1/2021 (6.2 million teu). (sh)




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