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Laurels for logistics building of the year

Belgian provider Eutraco, founded in 1967, has won the logistics building of the year award 2021 which is bestowed by Transport Media as part of its annual transport & logistics awards.


The new distribution centre in Willebroek has been recognised as the very first carbon and energy neutral logistics facility put into service by a 3PL logistics solutions provider. According to the jury, the project showcases that investments in sustainability are a top level priority.


The first 40,000 sqm of the new logistics site at Park de Hulst have been operative since December 2020. An additional 20,000 sqm will follow by the end of this year.


The project is led by MG Real Estate. Ignace Tytgat, CEO MG Real Estate: "For Eutraco we realised one of the very first logistics buildings in Belgium without gas heating. All facilities of the site, including heating via heat pumps, are therefore electric. The electricity is 100% green, whereby the solar panels will generate at least as much energy as will be consumed by the site itself.”


Striving for CO2-neutrality will become the standard in the supply chain. In June 2020, a MBO from the Pattyn family made Serge Gregoir, who was at the helm of the company since 2017, the new owner of Eutraco. (sh)




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