• In Cologne, the LNG bunker station is ready for action.


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LNG shore-to-ship available on the Rhine

Europe’s first shore-to-ship liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunker station for inland shipping at the Niehler Hafen in Cologne (Germany) is operational. The opening of this station by the provider Pit Point is a step towards facilitating clean maritime transport for inland navigation as well.


The new LNG bunker station is part of Pit Point LNG's plans to develop a European LNG infrastructure for heavy-duty transport by road and water and is co-financed by the European Union. The strategic location of the station between Basel (Switzerland) and Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and good access to the location were the main reasons for choosing the port of Cologne.


Lower emissions and improved air quality: LNG is the cleanest fuel currently available for (heavy-duty) maritime transport. The biggest benefit of using LNG lies in the reduced emission of fine particulates and NOₓ. Based on current European emission standards (CCNR II), LNG-fuelled engines produce 20% less CO₂, at least 80% less NOₓ and more than 99% less fine particulates than diesel-powered engines.


"We see the use of LNG as an important step towards a sustainable future for logistics,” said Jan Sönke Eckel and Wolfgang Birlin, managing directors of the port operator Rhein Cargo. (fd)



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