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Logistics company Martin Baur relies on TIS

Logistics services provider Martin Baur, a partner in CTL's general cargo network, intends to use the telematics software Tislog developed by TIS to simplify its processes for short and long haul traffic and stock turnover.


The conversion will be carried out in two steps as part of the introduction of the transport management system (TMS) Kamalog provided by Transdata. Overall, Martin Baur expects this move to reduce vehicle fleet costs and substantially simplify administration.


In the first phase, the 35 trucks deployed in short and long haul traffic will be refurbished already this year, by the installation of Tisplus Telematicbox Truck 3 devices. Besides tracking & tracing, these devices offer other functions such as long-range transmission of driving and rest times.


The data are transmitted from the tachographs to the telematics boxes and from there by mobile radio via the TIS computer centre to the Tislog server at Martin Baur. (mw)




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