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LS Logistics secures capacity

After four years of operation on the spot, LS Logistics is extending the contract for the lease of space in Segro Logistics Park Warsaw, Nadarzyn. On the spot, LS Logistics covers an area of over 12,500 sqm.


The company started with servicing the automotive industry, but among its current 90 clients there are also companies from other industries, including RES (photovoltaics, heat pumps), household appliances and FMCG.


From the warehouse facility in Nadarzyn, LS Logistics distributes its customers' goods to Eastern markets, mainly to Russia and Belarus, as well as in Poland and most European countries. 


The above-mentioned Logistics Park is located to the south of Warsaw, in the immediate vicinity of DK8 (Białystok-Wrocław / Katowice) and the Paszków junction (connection of the S2 / S7 / S8 ring roads around Warsaw with the A2 motorway), as well as in a distance of 4 km from DK 7 (Gdańsk-Kraków). (sh)




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