• Photo: Green methanol in Rotterdam (Picture by Jerry Lampen)

07.09.2023 By: Patricia Büeler

Artikel Nummer: 46332

Maersk's green methanol debut in Rotterdam

A new Maersk ship arrived in Rotterdam last week to bunk green methanol, signalling a shift towards more sustainable fuels in the shipping industry. The vessel, built in Korea and bound for Copenhagen for christening, completed its maiden voyage using green methanol sourced from Egypt.


Maersk plans to deploy the ship in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea, with the ability to switch to low-sulphur heavy fuel oil. This unit is the first of a large batch of methanol-powered vessels ordered by Maersk.


The methanol was delivered by OCI Terminal Europoort, part of OCI Global, marking a significant step towards establishing green methanol infrastructure in maritime routes. OCI Global also plans to supply green methanol for dual-fuel ships in Rotterdam, contributing to efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in the port. (pb)




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