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Major challenges identified for Asian Pacific airlines

Most economies across the Asia-Pacific region are continuing to grow relatively strongly, with the region's dynamic and innovative airlines having seen traffic increase significantly over the past twelve months. Air cargo volumes for example are picking up, something very much welcomed by Asian airlines, which account for 38% of the global air cargo market. Prospects for further growth remain positive, and delegates gathering for this week for this year's assembly of presidents of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (Aapa) in Tokyo have reason for optimism for the long term.


More immediately, however, airlines are focused on tackling a number of major challenges: although overall standards remain very high, Asia-Pacific carriers are constantly striving to make further safety improvements and learn from the experience of any accident or incident.


There is also increasing concern about the need for corresponding long term investments in related aviation infrastructure, including airport terminals, runways and air navigation services. On top of that the environment remains another key issue for Asia-Pacific carriers, and no less important as a priority is an early return to profitability. 


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