• Marc Fürstner. Photo: MHP


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Marc Fürstner joins advisory board

About 20 years ago, Marc Fürstner was a founding shareholder of the company MHP Software. Now the expert in dispatch logistics software is withdrawing from the management and joining the advisory board of the MHP Solution Group. Among other things, Fürstner developed and marketed the dispatch logistics software V-LOG with great success.


He sold his company shares in MHP Software in 2016. The company thus gave its name to the expanding MHP Solution Group that now comprises six companies in Germany and another firm abroad.


“Fürstner has a profound knowledge of all dispatching processes. With entrepreneurial foresight he continuously optimised all MHP’s solutions and with his experience and excellent leadership he made them into important and sustainable building blocks for the group’s end-to-end product range,” said Jasmino Burkic, MHP Solution Group’s new CEO and managing director of the company’s subsidiary MHP Software, as he congratulated Fürstner on his life-long achievement. (mw)




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