• (f.l.t.r.): Javier Guardado, MD of Marprin; Gabriel del Toro, president of Marprin; Jorge Rodríguez, board member of Marprin; Andreas Mueller, sales director Liebherr mobile harbour cranes; Juan Carlos Jiménez, divisional manager maritime cranes in Liebherr Ibérica


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Maritima del Principado extends its equipment in Gijón

In Gijón, the Spanish shipping company Maritima del Principado (Marprin), operational since 2009 and also active as shipping agent, stevedoring company and customs broker, recently extended its portfolio by a new LHM 600 crane.


Overall, it was the 100th Liebherr mobile harbour crane delivered by the manufacturer. Spain is now the third country in the world, alongside Russia and India, with a fleet of 100 or more Liebherr mobile harbour cranes. The new crane in Gijón belongs to Generation 5, the latest technical development stage in the manufacturer's mobile harbour crane programme.


The crane's maximum lifting capacity is 208 t, its maximum outreach 58 m, which makes it capable of handling ship sizes like the New Panamax, an ultra large container vessel.


“Today the amount of mobile harbour cranes in Spain is at a high level of 179 machines in total,” comments Andreas Müller, sales director of Liebherr Mobile Harbour Cranes. “We at Liebherr maritime cranes are very proud to have achieved a market share of more than 55% in Spain.” (fd)


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