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12.04.2024 By: Patricia Büeler

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Maritime piracy rises by 20% in early 2024

The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) have reported a worrying 20% increase in pirate attacks on ships in the first quarter of 2024 compared to the same period in 2023, with 33 incidents this year. Ships with German involvement were the second most targeted vessels, following India.


The German Shipowners' Association (VDR) expressed concern for the safety of ships and seafarers, highlighting critical security challenges for shipping, which include piracy and geopolitical tensions in regions like the Red Sea, Black Sea, and Indo-Pacific. Most attacks occurred in the waters near Bangladesh, Indonesia, Somalia, the Strait of Singapore, and Angola.


The German navy's participation in international operations is a significant contribution to mitigating piracy risks and ensuring maritime safety. Shipowners can take limited protective measures, such as adhering to warnings, registering with reporting systems in vulnerable areas, and employing defensive technologies on ships. (pb)




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