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30.11.2023 By: Patricia Büeler

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Melbourne Port's new face

Victoria International Container Terminal (Vict) in Melbourne is finalising its Phase 3A expansion, set for completion in December.


This phase, part of an AUD 235 million (USD 156 million) project, enhances VICT's capacity by 30% to 1.25 million teu. It extends the quay to 735 m, enabling the simultaneous docking of two 366 m vessels. Additionally, the expansion includes new storage blocks, truck lanes, and advanced equipment like ship-to-shore cranes and auto container carriers.


Phase 3B, expected to finish in 2025, will further boost Vict's capabilities, preparing it to handle neo-Panamax ships with up to 14,000 teu. This development marks a significant stride in operational efficiency and capacity at the Port of Melbourne. Vict is also investing in workforce upskilling to align with the terminal's growth and advanced infrastructure. (pb)




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