• Photo: Militzer & Münch

    Militzer & Münch's new logistics terminal in Radès.


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Militzer & Münch opens new logistics terminal in Tunisia

Militzer & Münch has put a new logistics terminal into service in Radès, close to the Tunisian capital Tunis. The St Gallen (Switzerland)-based transport and logistics service provider invested around EUR 1.5 million in the new terminal, which has been built on an 1,000 sqm plot of land a mere 50 m from the company’s old facility. The new platform encompasses 4,000 sqm of storage space and about 600 sqm of offices, as well as a special feature – a 1,200 sqm consignment warehouse. Militzer & Münch uses the latter area to provide intermediate storage for customers’ goods that have not been cleared through customs. Duty is only paid on these items when they have been ordered and delivered. The advantage: the supplier does not tie up so much capital and the recipient still receives goods within a very short time.



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