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Modern technology for Brazil’s rail network

Brazil's largest rail-based logistics operator Rumo has signed a multi-year contract with Globalsat, Inmarsat and Cobham to install a satellite communications across Brazilian railway network. The system will connect Rumo's cargo trains and allows to increase the speed with which goods can be transported across the country and to improve the safety of trains, vehicles and the people operating them.


The first stage of the project will begin in early 2020 and will enable accurate real time tracking of each train as well as reliable voice and data communication between drivers, maintenance crews and regional control centres.


The aim of the projecct is to provision 1,600 locomotives with highly reliable broadband global area network connectivity, ensuring an efficient, profitable and safe railway network.


Rumo is responsible for managing 14,000 km of railway track in Brazil, with the project initially focusing on 2,000 km of the Northern Railway which connects six key states to the port of Santos. (ben)


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