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More containers down the Rhine

In Q1/2022, throughput at the Swiss Rhine ports was just under 1.2 million t, 7.8% below Q1/2021 (1.26 million t). The big winner was the container sector with almost 37,000 teu (+31%).


Export traffic recorded an uptick of 13.2% to 243,292 t, while import traffic, which is more significant in terms of volume, declined by 12.1% compared to Q1/2021, and posted a total of 919,825 t. Imports of mineral oil products in particular declined, while imports of agricultural products and building materials increased.


The individual ports were affected variously, depending on the goods handled: Kleinhüningen, with its focus on container traffic, processed 377,000 t, exceeding the previous year's figure by almost 8%.


At the Auhafen Muttenz, which handles mostly mineral oil and dry bulk goods, throughput fell by almost 25% compared to Q1/2021 and reached 325,000 t. At 400,000 t, goods handling at the port of Birsfelden remained stable at previous year’s levels. (sh)




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