• The switch to electric engines continues.


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More electric cars in bremenports

In Germany’s current debate on climate change, the reduction of emissions has also become the order of the day for the logistics industry. The port management company bremenports for instance has taken further measures to increase the use of alternative fuels in its vehicle fleet.


In November, the company acquired seven more vehicles to add to the four electric vehicles already in use. These new cars are powered in part or entirely by electricity. In addition to four Renault ZOEs, three Toyota hybrid vehicles are now being deployed in Bremen’s ports. Of the 46 cars used by bremenports 11 are therefore powered by alternative fuel.


“We have thus taken a great step forward in our efforts to gradually transform our vehicle fleet,” said bremenports’ managing director Robert Howe. Restrictions however remain: “The choice of models is still limited and prices are still very high.” Where trucks and specialised vehicles are concerned, bremenports continues to be dependent on vehicles using conventional fuel. Here, alternative solutions are not yet available. (fd)




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