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More Latin American carriers link the world

Colombia-based Avianca Cargo is providing uninterrupted freight transport service now with the support of aircraft and passenger crew, to contribute to the supply of food, medical equipment, toiletries, and medicines.


On 26 March, a B787-8 made its first cargo flight between Bogotá (photo) and New York JFK, carrying nearly 20 t of essential goods on each journey in its belly. With this flight, the Avianca Cargo has already transported 15,000 t of goods during the crisis.


Aeromexico will also use part of its grounded fleet for cargo-only through its airfreight division, Aeromexico Cargo. At this time, air freight is essential for shipping supplies, medicines, medical equipment, food and other products. A first B787-9 flight took off on 24 March from Mexico City to Frankfurt shipping 15 t. (ah)


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