• Daniel Ng, CEO of Cyber Owl (Photo: Cyber Owl).


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More owls to watch the sea

Another funding round has been completed. The 2019-founded British start-up Cyber Owl raised USD 5.1 million in funding to support the accelerated adoption of their Medulla cyber risk monitoring solution.


The need is there. Thetius, an independent maritime research organisation, the shipping law firm HFW and Cyber Owl jointly published a report on the subject entitled ‘The Great Disconnect’. They discovered that shipowners pay more than USD 3 million on average in ransom on cyber-attacks.


The maritime sector has recently experienced one of the greatest periods of profitability in history and is heavily reinvesting these profits in digitalisation and the increased connectivity of their vessels.


This makes shipping companies an attractive target for cyber-attacks. There is therefore an increasing urgency for improving the cyber security of shipboard systems.


Cyber Owl’s flagship product, Medulla, addresses this challenge. Currently, Cyber Owl is working with companies like Eastern Pacific Shipping, Tufton Asset Management, Pacific International Lines, Pacific Carriers Limited and Swire. (sh)




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