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More rail links to Japan and China

Nurminen's train service has been transporting cargo from Helsinki in Finland and Narvik in Norway to various destinations in China and back. Due to the currently booming demand for such services, the company is now expanding its rail routes to Japan.


The last train from Finland to Japan was more than 30 years ago. Last week on 15 April, Nurminen and its partner RZD Logistics resumed the Japanese service and dispatched the first new train to Yokohama.


The journey of more than 10,000 km starts off by train from Helsinki to Vostochny port in Nakhodka (Russia) and from there by sea to Yokohama.


The second train left Helsinki via Jinan to Tianjin, China and the third new route opened by Nurminen Logisticsruns to Jiazhou, China, with departures from Helsinki every other week. (ben)




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