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17.05.2024 By: Patricia Büeler

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More women in the shipping industry

On 18 May 2024, the third International Day for Women in Maritime will be celebrated to promote female employment and address gender imbalances in the sector. Initiated by the International Maritime Organization, this day highlights progress and ongoing efforts. The proportion of women in the German maritime workforce has risen from 5.8% in 2022 to 7.1% in 2024, surpassing the global average of 2%. Gaby Bornheim, President of the German Shipowners' Association, acknowledges this positive trend but stresses the need for further improvement. In 2022, there were 400 women out of 6,927 employees in the German merchant fleet, increasing to 490 women out of 6,952 employees in 2024. Women on German ships work as captains, officers, and mechanics. Bornheim praises the increasing number of women breaking stereotypes in the maritime industry and will speak at a special event in Bremen on the upcoming International Day for Women in Maritime. (pb)


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