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Mortrans' successful arctic project

Mortrans has successfully carried out a transport from Murmansk Port to Yamburg Port (both in the Arctic area in northern Russia). The cargo was a pilot boat measuring 16.25 x 4.67 x 4.37 m and weighing 30 t. The boat was trucked over a distance of more than 5,000 km from Murmansk to the Yamalo-Nenetsky area, located on the Arctic coast of western Siberia.


Mortrans' team had to prepare the truck for transport, load the boat directly from the water onto the truck, secure the cargo, issue the required permits for Federal roads and private roads and supervise the passage into the closed city of Yamburg.


The main challenge for Mortrans was the absence of current and correct information on the dimensions of the cargo from the customer until the start of loading operations. In fact, the boat was somewhat higher and wider than was originally stated by the customer. (mw)




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