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Narrow Aisle across the Atlantic

Narrow Aisle, a manufacturer of space-saving intralogistics solutions located in Great Britain, is further investing in the USA and Canada. From its current hub in Dallas, Texas, the company has been developing its American business for the Flexi range of articulated warehouse trucks for about 20 years.


Since Flexis can load and unload delivery vehicles and transport palletised loads directly to/from their pallet location, ‘double handling’ is eliminated and fewer types of forklift are required.


Models have been adapted for the American market with the introduction of three- or four-stage quad masts which, when lowered, allow the trucks to be driven into the back of a waiting semi-trailer to retrieve or deposit pallets.


Now, the latest Flexi range has been developed to be easy to drive with digital power steering, aisle sensing and ‘cobotic’ aids to make handling safer and more efficient. (sh)




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