• New head office planned at the Port of Middlesbrough. (Foto: AV Dawson)


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New and old in Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough (UK)-based freight logistics specialist AV Dawson has drafted a GBP 10 million three-year masterplan to reshape the company's recently rebranded Port of Middlesbrough facility.


The plan includes the construction of a renewable energy plant, a new head office and developments to the port’s quayside to accommodate larger vessels. With an estimated completion date of summer 2021, the 8,000 sqm office will be built in the exact location of the original Port of Middlesbrough.


During the excavation, the sandstone foundations that supported one of the first quays were discovered. Some of these stone works are said to date back to 1838. They will be preserved and displayed at the new offices. (sh)




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