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New association to facilitate wind propulsion for ships

The new entity named the International Windship Association (IWSA) has been founded. Founder members said that the body is supposed to encourage, advise and advocate the use of wind propulsion technologies in the global commercial shipping industry and bring together all parties interested in catalysing the development and uptake of these technology solutions.


The group of industry experts and innovators driving IWSA include B9 Shipping (Diane Gilpin), Energy Ship/Modern Merchant Sailing Vessel (Siegfried Manzel), Fair Winds Trading Company (Madadh MacClaine), Norsepower (Tuomas Riski), Propelwind (Patrick Englebert), and Seagate Sail (Marcello Segato).


IWSA has been established in the UK as an unincorporated, not-for-profit entity. Membership is open to companies and organisations involved in the marine wind propulsion sector along with associate members and supporters from the wider industry, academia, non-profit sector etc, that share the same vision.