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New Eurasian overland shuttle launched

The Russian Transport Group Fesco is launching Silkway Amber – a regular container train going from Zhengzhou (China, Henan province) to Hamburg (Germany) through Kaliningrad (Russia) and back. The route goes through the border crossings of Erlian/Zamyn-Uud/Naushki (China/Mongolia/Russia) and Mamonovo/Braniewo (Russia/Poland).


Transfer to the rolling stock track 1435 is performed in the Kaliningrad region at Dzerzhynskaya-Novaya station, according to Fesco. The service will be used primarily for the transportation of consumer goods and equipment. The first train is on the way and will arrive in Hamburg after a 14 days’ journey on Thursday (7 November). From the beginning of 2020, the trains will run once a week. (ben)


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