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New intermodal container terminal in Tarragona - First convoy in Bertschi terminal

In February 2013 the multinational company Bertschi successfully carried out its first shipment in Tarragona – the new intermodal terminal has thus survived its baptism of fire.

Bertschi recently provided the successful finale to a EUR 3 million investment project in Tarragona (Spain) when it completed its first transport operation, a chemical shipment by rail, without any problems in its new container terminal, which has a capacity of 800 containers. This coincided with the 20th anniversary of the company commencing its activities on the Iberian Peninsula, and was therefore a great birthday present. The outlook for the project is good. When the terminal’s third rail spur to Castellbisbal (Barcelona) becomes operational, transport services from Tarragona will be able to use the European broad-gauge track, and enjoy the subsequent flexibility. There was no shortage of notable figures at the opening of the new terminal. The president of Spain’s national ports authority, José Llorca, personally presided over the inauguration. Representatives of the participating Spanish national railway infrastructure company Adif (Administrator de infraestructuras ferroviaras) and the Spanish ministry of construction and economic development also took the opportunity to take part in the official ceremony, along with a group of journalists and industry representatives.

Accessibility and transport benefits

The new terminal brings a number of benefits in terms of transport to the area. Container handling in Port Bou will cease. The connection to Barcelona Morrot, where the railtracks were converted to the European gauge in December 2011, provides access to the European network. By switching to rail transport, approximately 100 fewer trucks a week will operate on the roads between Barcelona and Tarragona. Two weekly railway connections have been envisaged initially. The new terminal is located in the immediate vicinity of a zone designated for the chemical industry, directly in a Bayer plant.

Terminal’s facilities and services

Planned expansion of the Bertschi terminal in Tarragona foresees an increase of the 800 teu storage capacity to 1,200 teu, including a gantry crane. A total of 530 m of Iberian and European gauge tracks run across the site’s area, which extends to 18,000 sqm. The terminal can handle trains with a length of up to 750 m. The terminal is suitable for both the interim and reserve storage of buffer stocks, thanks to its design. The handling equipment also includes safety lifting gear, which enables work to be carried out even at a great height. The terminal also has electric and steam-operated heating systems, a Bayer weighbridge, and an ADRcertified warehouse. Bertschi has all the necessary transhipment licences, including for the handling of hazardous goods. The new centre is open from 06.00 to 22.00 from Mondays to Saturdays, and is additionally on stand-by 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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