• Photo: HSC Tarifa Jet (FRS)

19.09.2023 By: Patricia Büeler

Artikel Nummer: 46520

New ownership for FRS Iberia

International ferry company FRS is divesting its subsidiary FRS Iberia, known for operating ferry routes between Spain and Morocco, to Danish ferry company DFDS. This move allows FRS to expand in new national and international markets.


Founded in 2000, FRS Iberia manages all ports in the Strait of Gibraltar, serving as a vital link between Spain and Morocco with a fleet of high-speed catamarans and ferries.


Despite competition, FRS Iberia has thrived, transporting 1.9 million passengers and 370,000 vehicles in 2023. The deal awaits approval from Spanish and Moroccan competition authorities.


FRS plans to focus on expanding into new markets while DFDS will continue its services in the Strait of Gibraltar. (pb)




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