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New TOS operational in the port of Baltimore

A new terminal operating system (TOS), introduced by Ports America Chesapeake (PAC), was recently launched at the port of Baltimore’s Seagirt and Dundalk marine terminals. The new Navis N4 system is the first time the port has utilised a single platform for all cargo handled at its terminals and is part of a USD 142 million investment in equipment and infrastructure initiatives.


The upgraded system will optimise daily terminal tasks like container handling, vessel planning, yard utilisation, as well as crane scheduling and monitoring. Amongst other benefits, the platform will be used to track cargo throughout the terminal. Moreover, N4 will enable to share data throughout the supply chain, allowing better forecasting and management of cargo movements within and beyond the ports.


“We strive to be ahead of the curve with technology advancements to foster continued success in the port of Baltimore, adding to Maryland’s economy," said Ports America Chesapeake vice president Bayard Hogans. New Jersey-headquartered Ports America is currently the USA’s largest marine terminal operator and stevedore company, operating in more than 42 ports and 80 locations. (fd)




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