• BeOne enables executives to keep their FTL management under control.

03.12.2020 By: Andreas Haug

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No piece work for full loads

The Italian logistics software provider Nova Systems has added a new element to its services. It recently launched ‘FTL’, a full truck-load option in its BeOne suite, an integrated solution for forwarders, logisticians and customs operators. ‘FTL’ is modular and scalable, dedicated to improving coordination between offices, drivers and carriers. “Timing makes all the difference,” project manager Giuseppe Riccardi says.

“Nova Systems aims to take the users of its improved suite in the cloud to the next ­level,” Riccardi states. “The ERP can ­support every one of a firm’s ­activities, from making offers to finalising transactions, in ­order to effectively and efficiently manage its overall transport activities.”


According to Riccardi, many carriers still use manual systems to manage vehicles, and the availa­bility of carriers as well as truckers, today. There are a great many variables involved in the process, however, and the time to move the fleet is always limited, as Riccardi points out.



Dangers in the analogue world

“The risk that is always just around the corner is that dispatchers won’t succeed in optimi­sing trips, might miss a load, travel many kilometres with an empty truck or not serve a customer in the set time.”


Now Nova Systems’ research and development centre has created an iconographic interface that is easy to use and brings into immediate view all the useful information and activities required. It also allows the rapid registration of data, tariffs and rules to manage all of a customers’ operational transport activities.


“BeOne enables dispatchers to organise trips and combine them with the means and the dri­vers available. With a few clicks they can manage points of loading and unloading of the cargo. Resources, vehicles, drivers and sub-contractors always remain under control,” says Riccardi.



The power of data

There’s more, the project manager continues. “Our FTL module helps to solve many kinds of problems relating to managing the vehicle fleet, taxation and invoicing, admini­strative and account monitoring and mana­ging cost centres, amongst many others.”


A steady stream of information is necessary to get the best out of the software, including information on drivers’ holiday plans, to cite just one salient example. Driver, carrier and vehicle data plays a rather fundamental role; it allows managers to oversee equipment, its commitments and deadlines. “In a simple and precise way the software thus helps to organise trips better,” Riccardi closes. 


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