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No train, no flight

Green Cargo will continue transporting fuel by rail between the port of Gävle and the Brista unloading station outside Arlanda (Sweden) for ground handling company A Flygbränslehantering (AFAB). The companies have extended their contract to this effect for another five years.


Green Cargo has been carrying fuel for Swedish flight operations for fifteen years. During this time, the carrier has transported just over 8,271,000 t of fuel in nearly 130,000 wagons and 7,600 trains. As a result, a total of 210,000 truck trips were shifted to rail.


AFAB was thus able to reduce its emissions by 98% and save 76,000 t of CO2. Before the outbreak of the corona pandemic, Green Cargo ran ten to fifteen fuel trains a week for AFAB. (ben)




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