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Northern ports protecting the tidelands

Dutch, Danish and German seaports, politicians, administrators and members of NGOs (non-governmental organisations) are currently gathering in Wilhelmshaven in a joint effort to protect the tidelands ("Wadden Sea") on the Northern sea shores. The international conference is hosted by the port companies Niedersachsen Ports and bremenports.


The international network of "Wadden Seaports", in existence since 2016, aims to achieve further progress in the protection of the vulnerable natural environment of the tidelines. The ports will present different best-practice examples of climate and nature conservation, more sustainable dredging strategies or measures to avoid light pollution etc.


"Different perspectives and expectations are explicitly requested, because this way we can sound out the common framework for action and advance common core topics such as the energy transition," explains Katja von Bargen, who is in charge of environmental management at bremenports.


The cooperation will be sealed with a document entitled "sustainable shipping and port initiative for a well-protected Wadden Sea" signed today, 29 November 2022, by representatives of environmental associations and the shipping and port industries. (sh)




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